What’s a Doula to Do in the Shadow of Covid-19?

As hospitals work to keep the number of people entering laboring & delivery units to a minimum, many doulas are asked to provide care at a distance. I have written this guideline for When Birth Doulas Must Provide Labor Support at a Distance (click here) to help doulas navigate this new territory. It shares over 100 specific tips on providing “virtual” labor support.

I share more helpful tips in this podcast on TheBirthGeeks with the extraordinary Robin Elise Weiss and me discussing Being a Virtual Doula (click here).

For those of you who provide Postpartum Doula support, in this podcast DONA past-president, Ann Grauer shares ideas for providing post partum support virtually (click here).

And – a few words of encouragement to you as a doula from me…


Click these links for short videos on How to Be a Virtual Doula


What’s a Doula to Do

after their Birth Doula Workshop?

After each Birth Doula Workshop, you are invited to return for free small group sessions with me. I also provide additional direct mentorship through an active on-line group, texting and phone calls.

I can also direct you to Doula Support Groups in Marin, the East Bay and San Francisco Bay Area.

For doulas outside of the Bay Area, I can guide you to additional support through DONA.


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