Intimate, heartwarming and deeply rewarding. This 3-day workshop lays the foundation for you to provide meaningful support to birthing families.  We’ll dive into the emotional, psychological and physical process of labor.  We explore your role as a doula at prenatal visits, during labor and birth and at the postpartum follow-up. Because I keep our group small, we have lots of time for hands-on practice and getting questions answered. Workshop Registration Here  Workshop Dates Here

DONA International is the world’s first, largest and international doula certifying organization. This workshop completes two steps toward certification.

This workshop is also strongly recommended for those on a midwifery path.

For certification purposes, attendance at the entire workshop is required.

An optional Fundamentals of Breastfeeding for Birth Professionals class is offered at the workshop location, the Saturday after the workshop from 10am-1pm.   This class is taught by Rebecca Plum, LM, IBCLC. Cost of this class is $110. Early-Bird registrants pay $90 at her website, and workshop attendees receive a $25 discount if you enter code “DONA”.


  • Anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, fetal development, labor, postpartumLearn Comfort Measures
  • Components of prenatal care and the midwifery model of care
  • Emotions of pregnancy, labor and birth
  • Pain management techniques
  • Medical procedures used in labor
  • Labor variations and complications, including Cesarean birth
  • Communication and listening skills
  • The emotional and psychological aspects of giving birth and its significance in women’s lives
  • The doula’s role, professional ethics, standards of practice, and certification
  • Emotional support and physical comfort measures
  • Support for difficult labors, Cesarean birth, and vaginal birth after Cesarean
  • Newborn care and breastfeeding support
  • Values clarification and cultural sensitivity
  • Includes Introduction to Childbearing (DONA International certification requirement)





FOR DOULASMassage techniques

Friday 9am – 6pm:  DONA requires for certification that you attend a Childbirth Preparation Series (not as an expectant parent). Or take the Intro to Childbearing for Doulas class that I offer adjacent to the doula workshop (the first day of 3 days together).  If you seek certification, this fun, informative day completes all Childbirth Ed requirements. It is specifically geared to doulas. If you don’t seek certification, this day lays a crucial foundation for assisting those giving birth.

FOODDoula Lunch - Connie Sultana Childbirth Services

Generous coffee, tea and snacks will be available. Pot-luck salad bar luncheon on Friday.

Interested in a PostPartum Doula Workshop?

I host one a year. When the Covid-19 dust settles, we will set a date in Santa Rosa, with former DONA President, HeatherGail Lovejoy.  PostPartum Doula Workshop Registration Information.


Quiet babes-in-arms, 6 months and younger are encouraged to stay with their parent attending this workshop.  Please discuss this with the instructor prior to registering.



Available at in The Doula Boutique at, and possibly your library.

Research evidence on Birth Doulas – so interesting!