The Warmest Welcome Birth Doula Services and costs are listed here

Services include:

  • complementary initial interview
  • 1 – 2 extensive (and often more) prenatal visits
  • frequent contact as your baby’s birth date approaches
  • 24 hour on-call support
  • birth support
  • 1 -2 postpartum and breastfeeding assistance visits
  • back-up support by highly qualified doula partners
  • optional photography, videography, or childbirth classes

Initial Interview
This visit is free of charge regardless of your decision about support during your birth.  This is a “get to know you” visit so you can assess if the services I provide are what you need and if we are a good match.  I can provide references from recent clients or referrals to other doulas, if necessary.

Prenatal Visit
This home visit is a time to discuss your birth hopes/plans, your concerns/fears and other factors that may impact your pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience.  We will discuss comfort measures to use during labor, explore various choices you have in regards to your birth, consider responses to various possibilities during labor and ultimately find out what YOU want for your birth.  We will learn which laboring techniques are best suited for your individual circumstances. We will discuss the logistics of the actual birth day (i.e. when to call, where to meet).  We will discuss your partner’s feelings about birth and how we will work together to provide support for you.

24 Hour On-call Support
I am available for phone and e-mail consultation throughout your late pregnancy and early postpartum time.

Birth Support
When your labor begins, I am available when you decide you need me, whether you would like me to come to your home or meet me at your birthing place.  I will provide professional birth support and comfort measures.  I will follow your birth plans in assisting your immediate postpartum desires such as skin to skin contact and breastfeeding, if planned.

Postpartum Visit
About two weeks after you give birth, I will make a home visit to see how you are doing.  We will discuss your experience and I may be able to answer questions for you about the birth. Childbirth is an emotional experience and this is an opportunity to explore your feelings as well.  If possible, I will provide you with a written timeline of events.  I can assist with breastfeeding and newborn care questions.

Back-up Support/Complementary Comfort Measures Classes
My Doula Group provides back-up support in the unlikely event that I become unavailable to attend your birth.  A one-hour Comfort Measures/Meet & Greet Class is included in the cost of our doula services. This is your opportunity to meet your back-up while expanding your knowledge of comfort techniques. Topics vary. Topics include: Comfort with Birthballs/Exercise Balls for Pregnancy, Birth and PostPartum, Using a Rebozo for in Labor, and Introduction to Spinning Babies Techniques.

Other Services
Depending on your desires, I may provide miscellaneous services such as photography, or videotaping. Childbirth classes or infant massage instruction may be provided at a reasonable additional fee.

The cost for my services in Sonoma County is $1700-$2000. In an effort to make my services accessible, I allow you to set the price based on what you can afford. No explanation is needed. Each time a client pays my full fee, $200 is set aside toward me providing support to those who would never be able to pay for labor support services. I have attended over 900 births, trained doulas and nurses for over 25 years and taught Childbirth Classes to thousands of couples. My fee is $2000 in Napa and Marin, $2100 in San Francisco. Payment plans are available. Home birth and birth center clients please contact me directly to discuss fees.