Connie Sultana, BA, CD(DONA), ICCE, LCCE

  • 25+ years doula experience
  • Former Director of Certification and Board Member of DONA International
  • Certified Childbirth Instructor with both ICEA and Lamaze 20+ years experience
  • DONA-Approved Doula Trainer
  • Lamaze-Approved Childbirth Educator Instructor
  • Infant Massage Instructor

I have served at over 900 births in 2 countries, 5 states, 50+ hospitals, 3 birth centers and 100+ homes.

(707) 588-8026

After years of providing doula support to others, when it was my turn to give birth I made sure I had wonderful care. Even though my husband is an extraordinary support provider, we both agreed that in addition to excellent health-care providers, we needed a doula. Though both of my birth experiences had their easy parts and their challenges, an age-old lesson was reinforced for me. Satisfaction was less related to the amount of pain I experienced, but more related to the amount of participation I had in my choices.

At each step I was given my options. My decisions were treated with respect and kindness. My efforts were praised. I was supported every inch of the way. Because of this, I look back on my children’s births and say with pride, amazement and joy, “I did it!” I want the same for you!

I will praise you, comfort you and stay with you. I will support your partners so that they are able to participate at the level they are most comfortable.

Sometimes I think that giving birth is a lot like climbing a mountain. In the end, you and your partners have to do the work yourselves, but it sure is nice to have a guide with you who has been there before, can tell you what to look out for and then stay by your side on each step of the journey.

It is my hope that every birthing person can have physical, emotional and informational support during labor. I want you and your baby to have the warmest welcome to this next phase in your lives.

I offer experience, strength, and kindness. My most joy-filled days are those I spend with pregnant families.